3D Discrete Event Simulation Services

Delivery Methodology

  • Process Modelling for complex mining/other industrial operations

  • Identifying discrete operational components from the process models

  • Gathering relevant data / information for preparing simulation models

  • Building the 3D Simulation Model

  • Varying parameters and scenarios within the model
    (what if analysis)

  • Providing analytics based reports


Salient Features

  • Rich set of objects, easy to customise

  • Friendliness to all kinds of users from occasional to advanced

  • Usable for reliable Production Planning

  • Supportive of Experimentation and Analytics

  • Consistent Interfaces. Extensive C++ library commands to use for customization

  • Easy links to Excel, Google Sketchup, AutoCAD, etc.



  • Minimize the risk of investing in and introducing a significant change to your business operation.
  • Dynamically plan, visualize and analyze current and future operational processes including ‘what if’ scenarios