Company Profile

Named after the famous mathematician Alan Turing (photo in our logo above) who is regarded as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, Turing Point Pty Ltd, established in 2004, is a boutique consultancy, focusing on cutting edge and futuristic areas of business transformation solutions.


One of the primary missions of Turing Point is to provide upper­ end business transformation consulting services leading to performance improvement and increased efficiencies of organizations and individuals by using the most advanced technologies such as 3D Discrete Event Simulation, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


We employ the use of Highly Advanced Methods (currently rare in the IT Professional Services and Skills market) in order to 

  •  Predict Operational Process Output with Certainty based on an organization’s own past gathered production data.
  • Improve the certainty of such predictions with time and with additional gathered data. 
  • Build systems that learn from experience as humans do. 
  • Build systems that identify an ideal scenario of controlled input parameters to produce optimal production output. 
  • Vastly improve the quality and reliability of production planning. 
  • Lead to significantly reduced operational wastage and leaner resource management. 
  • Model the behaviour of a complex system as a series of well-defined and ordered events. 
  • Quickly analyse a process or system’s behaviour over time, ask "what if" questions, and design or change processes or systems without incurring additional financial expenditure.
  • Help the client to know with certainty that the changes they make to operational processes and equipment are justified in terms of optimizing results and in saving costs.