Our Team

Dr. Tirthankar Ray Chaudhuri

Tirthankar RayChaudhuri (PhD in Machine Learning from Macquarie University, Sydney) is the Managing Director and Chief Architect of Turing Point Pty Limited. As a Certified Data Scientist and Machine Learning Expert with 18+ years experience in the field, Dr. RayChaudhuri is a visionary. He is a senior experienced business focused technology professional who has held various P&L responsibilities in client-facing roles with top tier organizations such as IBM, HP and Sun Microsystems (now Oracle). Dr. RayChaudhuri’s skills base includes a very wide coverage of business strategy, leadership, sales and marketing and ‘hands- on’ technical abilities. He is equally adept at making presentations to clients and in designing machine learning algorithms for his implementation team.


Dr. Dalin Cai

Dr. Dalin Cai (PhD in Mining Engineering from the University of Wollongong, New South Wales) is Turing Point’s Principal Consultant in 3D Discrete Event Simulation and Mining Technologies. Dr. Cai has thorough knowledge and expertise, both of complex processes related to Mining, such as Longwall Mining ( an underground coal mining process ) as well as of advanced IT programming tools and technologies such as C++. In addition to modeling mining processes Dr. Cai is an expert on any form of simulation and related data analysis, 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality. He is highly resourceful, innovative and creative with a flair for all forms of animation technologies.



Dr. Somsukla Banerjee (PhD in Linguistic and Cognitive Sciences from IIT Kanpur) is a Director of Turing Point Pty Ltd. With years of academic and research experience, she is currently focussed on developing business solutions by analysing and drawing insights from natural language and text data. She has published a number of articles on Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics and has been on the editorial boards of international journals in the area. She is skilled in the fields of NLP (Natural Language Processing), machine translation, information extraction, dialogue systems, speech processing, and social media analytics.